2015 Grant Applications Now Available Online

The San Francisco Japantown Foundation is now accepting applications from qualified organizations for direct grants of up to $10,000. Applications are due by Friday, July 31, 2015, before 5:00 p.m. PT.

Our 2015 grants program will provide (a) direct unrestricted grants for organizations; and (b) planning grants for organizations focused on enhancing an existing structure of building in Japantown, or creating a product or service that would advance Japantown.

Organizations awarded a planning grant will have an opportunity to collaborate with the Foundation potentially resulting in additional funding of up to $15,000.

These grants are made possible through the original endowments by Kintetsu Enterprises of America, Jack Hirose, Hats and Amey Aizawa, Union Bank, and Minami Tamaki LLP. We also use proceeds from our annual Osechi Ryori New Year’s Celebration Fundraiser, supported by generous sponsors and guests.

Another significant portion of the funds available for these grants comes from our philanthropic partnership with Hotel Kabuki. The Japantown Foundation receives funds raised through the hotel’s You Can Make a Difference program, which asks guests to make a donation when they stay at the property. The Japantown Foundation expresses our appreciation to the Hotel Kabuki and to General Manager Craig Waterman for continuing this valuable partnership. Craig is also a member of our foundation board.

Learn more about our grants program and apply online at JapantownFoundation.org.

Keith Kamisugi, on behalf of the
San Francisco Japantown Foundation Board of Directors:

Donald K. Tamaki (President)
Bob Hamaguchi (Vice President)
Richard Hashimoto
Aya Ino
Mary Ishisaki
Keith Kamisugi
Diane Matsuda
Kathy Nelsen
Jon Osaki
Allen Okamoto
Jerry Ono
June-Ko Nakagawa
Shinichi Seino
Craig Waterman