Hotel Kabuki Donates $34,000 to Japantown Foundation

Hotel Kabuki General Manager Alex Prouty presented San Francisco Japantown Foundation Board President Donald Tamaki with a check for $34,000 at our New Year Celebration with Osechi Ryori event on January 9, 2020, held at Hotel Kabuki.

The generous donation continues the foundation’s philanthropic partnership with Hotel Kabuki that started in 2013. The Japantown Foundation receives funds raised through the hotel’s You Can Make a Difference program, which asks guests to donate when they stay at the property.

The donations from Hotel Kabuki – combined with proceeds from our annual New Year Celebration and from our original endowment – enable us to provide annual grants to qualified Japantown community organizations.

The Japantown Foundation board of directors expresses its appreciation to Prouty, who is also a foundation board member, and the staff of Hotel Kabuki for continuing this valuable partnership.