Covid-19 Recovery Fund Donors/Sponsors

Deepest appreciation to our Covid-19 Recovery Fund Donors/Sponsors

With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, the San Francisco Japantown Foundation recognizes the following donors to the Covid-19 Recovery Fund. These donations make it possible for Japantown community partners to continue providing essential services and protecting the heritage of one of three remaining Japantowns in the country.

We still need your help. The tragic pandemic events of 2020 have taken their toll. Japantown has survived and has now transitioned from a state of crisis to one of recovery. Therefore, we have created the San Francisco Japantown Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund to provide financial support to the nonprofits that work tirelessly to provide services to the community, and promote the continuation of Japanese culture and traditions.


  • Anonymous
  • Mary Ishisaki
  • Hotel Kabuki
  • Donald Tamaki and Suzanne Ah-Tye


  • Union Bank


  • Anonymous
  • Clem Kong, Korshak Kracoff Kong & Sugano
  • Glen S. Fukushima
  • Japantown Center Garage Corporation
  • Minami Tamaki LLP
  • Morgan Lewis


  • Bruce and Dauna Erickson
  • Flanagan Family Fund
  • OBFM Accountants, Inc. 


  • Bank of San Francisco
  • Chip Conley Foundation
  • Kintetsu Enterprises Co. of America
  • Marcia Nakamura
  • Janet Ninomiya – In Memory of the Horio Family
  • Katherine Okamoto
  • T. Okamoto & Company
  • Sequoia Living
  • Sean T. Tamura-Sato
  • Yuichi Yamakaw


  • Anonymous*
  • Stephanie Hagio-Chin
  • Kabuki Springs & Spa
  • Keith Kamisugi
  • James Robert Kennedy, Jr. & Linda Ann Cicero – In Honor of Mary Ishisaki
  • Keith and Priscilla Kojimoto
  • Deborah Lim
  • Dale Minami & Ai Mori
  • Kevin O’Donnell
  • Joyce Oishi
  • Richard Okiuye
  • Akemi Ooka
  • Fred & Margo Takemiya
  • Naoki Yoshida

As of January 17, 2022. * Multiple Donors

Please join us in supporting San Francisco Japantown’s RECOVERY by sending a donation through GoFundMe or send a check to: San Francisco Japantown Foundation, 1770 PostStreet, #291, San Francisco, CA 94115.

To see our 2021 Covid-19 Community Fund Grantees Report: