Menu for Osechi Ryori 2017


Osechi Ryori refers to a number of unique dishes that are prepared once a year to celebrate the New Year. Many of the items require hours of preparation, and are preserved in ways to make sure that they are delicious to eat throughout the first three days of the year–the traditional way of celebrating the Japanese New Year.

Below is the tentative menu for our osechi ryori event on January 5, 2017, at Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. Click here to register for the event.

Individual Traditional Osechi Plates at each Guest Table:

  • Kuromame (by Mrs. Haruki)
  • Ikura
  • Kazunoko (Ajitsuke by Sanraku)

Center Plates at each Guest Table to be shared by table guests:

  • Buri (by Pabu Izakaya)
  • Prawn (by Sanraku)
  • Sesame Spinach (by Yama-sho)
  • Tsukune (by Delica)
  • Gobo-salad (by Delica)
  • Red/White Namasu

At the Chefs’ Tables:

  • Sanraku: Three-Color-Sashimi, Duck
  • Yama-sho: Ozoni, Nishime (Carrots, Daikon, Shiitake, Lotus Roots, chicken)
  • Pabu Izakaya: Freshly made Tofu Dish, (and Chef Tominaga will create another dish)
  • Sushi Ran: Pork kakuni, Purple Potato or vegetable dish


  • True Sake: gourmet Nihonshu (sake)
  • Awamori from Okinawa (imported by Sushi Ran)
  • Sapporo Beer
  • Tea