The road to recovery is long, but it begins with a single step.

The continuing threat of the pandemic has forced us to once again forego our annual Osechi Ryori celebration in January 2022 out of an abundance of caution. Therefore, we have created the San Francisco Japantown Foundation COVID-19 Recovery Fund, and we hope that you can help us with this matching grant campaign to provide financial support to the nonprofits that work tirelessly to promote and encourage the continuation of Japanese culture and traditions. Thanks to our generous supporters last year, we raised a total of $214,700.00 to help our vital Japantown organizations avert a major crisis to continue their important services. Your dollars are currently hard at work providing direct essential assistance to the community. The San Francisco Japantown Foundation Board has agreed again to match up to $100,000 we raise through this Recovery Fund campaign. Every dollar donated will be used against this 1:1 match and we hope that your assistance we can meet or even exceed our goal. All donors will be listed on our website.

To see how last year’s funds are being used, we invite you to click the following link for a more detailed report from our grantees.