Grants Program 2019

Each year, the SF Japantown Foundation Board Members meet to decide and support a theme for the grants program that will best support the mission, goals and objectives of the organization.

Download 2019 Grant Application

This year, we will accept grant applications from nonprofit organizations, (or projects that have a fiscal sponsor), that promote Japanese or Japanese American culture or a capital project that will further enhance, promote and sustain SF Japantown.

A cultural project, for purposes of this grant application, can be an event, activity, class or performance that encourages, introduces or further promotes an aspect of the Japanese or Japanese American culture.

Examples of a cultural project could be a class that offers lessons in Japanese dance traditionally performed in a certain region of Japan, or an exhibit of photos and letters written by Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in the concentration camps during World War II to their friends and family.

Capital projects often require a great deal of planning, time and financial support.  Many organizations are not able to afford the expertise and expense of undertaking a capital project by themselves and need financial and other assistance throughout the project.  If a capital project can clearly identify a phase or scope of their project that can clearly benefit the SF Japantown community, they are encouraged to apply.

Depending on the interest and projects submitted, there may be the possibility that only one capital project will be considered and supported.

We have intentionally created a grant application process that is simple and easy to fill out without the assistance of a professional grant writer or development team.  However, if you have any questions or need further clarification on any aspect of the grant, please feel free to contact us.

Download 2019 Grant Application

Please submit the grant application by the deadline date of September 11, 2019, by email to The application must be received by 5:00 p.m. to be considered. Submit the document in Word or PDF only. All other formats will not be considered.

Inquiries and Questions:
Diane Matsuda
Cell/Text: (415) 305-5438